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The story of Hang Tuah, one of Malaysia’s greatest heroes, will delight readers of all ages. Hang Tuah was a country boy who becomes an expert in silat, the Malay art of self-defence. With his dear friend Hang Jebat, he becomes a guard to the Sultan of Malacca. Hang Tuah’s skills are tested by the King of Majapahit. In the end, he captures the kris, or dagger, of Taming Sari, and this paves the way for the marriage between the Sultan and the Princess of Majapahit.


The pre-school reading series My Big Book of Malaysian Tales introduces Malaysia’s most famous tales to young readers. Carefully written in simple, clear and easy-to-read language, the stories are designed to cultivate a child’s interest in reading as well as build their vocabulary. The text is presented in big print for easy reading. The stories also communicate the morals and values to be learnt. It is a superb series for both school and home use.




Language:                  English

Cover type:                Soft

Book size:                  330mm (W) x 460mm (H)

[13” (W) x 18” (H)]

No. of pages:             16

Full colour throughout


ISBN:                          978-967-317-399-0


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