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Readers of all ages will adore this wonderful fairy tale of the little boy and girl who find a house made of cookies and candies in the forest. The children have been led into the forest by their wicked stepmother who abandons them there. Hansel and Gretel do their best to find their way home, but they become hopelessly lost. Find out what happens when the witch in the enchanted house captures the children. The story offers the moral to children that goodness, perseverance, and cleverness will lead to just rewards.


The series My Big Book of Favourite Fairy Tales introduces some of the world’s most famous tales to young readers. Each story is written in simple, clear and easy-to-read language with carefully chosen words to enrich the child’s vocabulary. The text is presented in extra-large type for easy reading. Lively, colourful illustrations are included to stimulate the imagination. It is an ideal series to develop and nurture a child’s interest in reading.





Language:                  English

Cover type:                Soft

Book size:                  330mm (W) x 460mm (H)

[13” (W) x 18” (H)]

No. of pages:             16

Full colour throughout


ISBN:                          978-967-317-415-7


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