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  • 1 Million vocabularies within 18 leading and comprehensive dictionaries including the Oxford Fajar and Dewan Bahasa Pustaka.
  • Speak confidently with the help of Live Voice & Pronunciation Comparison Technology together with demo.
  • Complete learning of Malay & English Lessons which include grammar, proverb, idiom and many more.
  • Multi language features from dictionaries & dialog.
  • Multimedia application of video learning and recording together with mp3/mp4 player.
  • Fast & fun searching with colored and touch screen plus the handwriting application

Clear pronunciation and pronunciation comparison

  • BESTA latest technology helps you to improve your pronunciation with Live Voice and pronunciation comparison function. Provide demo pronunciation application: listening, record and play back function.

English Language Learning

  • Contains English grammar, proverb, idioms, antonym, synonym and others in order to enhance your English learning process.
  • Contains English phonetics with clear pronunciation in order to give you better understanding in English pronunciation.
  • Basic words from Oxford, IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE which can give you better understanding in English language.
  • Contains animated English grammar video to give better understanding in learning English language.
  • Contains English dialogue which help you in a daily life conversation.

Arabic Language Learning

  • Arabic useful vocabulary with a clear pronunciation.
  • Consist of Arabic dialogue with different situation.
  • 100 basic Arabic words.
  • Provide with Arabic Illustrated Dictionary with various fields.


  • Reference of 4 main languages (M-E-A-C).
  • Dictionary and multi-dialogue complete with pronunciation in Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Thailand, Korean and other languages.
  • Pronunciation demo for Japanese, Korean and Chinese Learning.
  • Writing techniques skill of Pinyin and Character Stroke.

Malay Language Learning

  • Contains Malay Language subject such as grammar, proverb, idioms, Malay Literature and thesaurus.

Additional Info

  • Consist of additional info such as Prime Minister Info, Geographical Info of 14 states in Malaysia, National Principles, Malaysia History from 1400-2010 and also Islamic Scholar Info.

Physics and Chemistry

  • Equipped with periodic table, Chemical elements and Physics formulas as references.


Screen Resolution 320 x 240
LCD Screen 3.5″
Device Color Grey Metallic
Screen Color QVGA TFT 16 Bits
Size L:11.5cm / W:8cm / H:1cm
Weight 180g
Internal Memory 2GB
Slot Setting Up to 32GB SHDC Card
Battery Lithium Ion 3.7V/700mAh
Connection Interface USB2.0
Handwriting Yes
Sentence Translation
Real Human Tutor
Pronunciation Mode KK DJ
Live Voice Real Human Pronunciation Yes
Pronunciation Comparison Yes
Pronunciation Content Word Phrase, Pronunciation word by word, Highlighted word, Multi Language Dialog
Chinese Input Method
Accessories User Manual, Lithium Ion Battery, Pouch, Earphone, Charger, PC Connection Cable, PC-Link CD, Stylus
Oxford Fajar Advanced Learner’s (English-Malay)

Kamus DEWAN (4th Edition)

Kamus Inggeris-Melayu DEWAN

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (Bilingual Version)


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