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This story tells of a little gingerbread man that runs away from the old woman who has made him. He meets a cow, a horse and a fox. The proud gingerbread man thinks he can run faster than any of them. But in the end, he is outwitted by the cunning fox. The story has been adapted and rewritten in simple language for very young children to enjoy. The text is in big print for easy reading. Lively, colourful illustrations provide visual cues that add details to the story and enhance understanding. The big book series of fairy tales is ideal for children to develop their reading skills and also useful for storytelling.




Language:                  English

Cover type:                Soft

Book size:                  330mm (W) x 460mm (H)

[13” (W) x 18” (H)]

No. of pages:             16

Full colour throughout


ISBN:                          978-967-317-021-0


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