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A hungry dog finally finds a big, delicious bone at the market. He carries the bone in his mouth, and as he crosses a bridge over a stream, he sees what he thinks is another dog in the water. The dog has a bone in its mouth too! What happens when the greedy dog decides to take the other dog’s bone as well?


Young readers will love the classic fables in the series My Big Book of Moral Tales. Each fable has been adapted and carefully edited in easy-to-read language and presented in big print. Key words are provided at the end of each book for vocabulary building and reinforcement. The moral lesson is summarized in a short, simple sentence for easy understanding. The books are superb for developing thinking skills and teaching the child useful lessons.





Language:                  English

Cover type:                Soft

Book size:                  330mm (W) x 460mm (H)

[13” (W) x 18” (H)]

No. of pages:             16

Full colour throughout


ISBN:                          978-967-317-457-7


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